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Honolulu Star Advertiser Story June, 15, 2016



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                                 Popular Television and Internet Personalities Endorse TurboPot,
                           Revolutionary Cookware Company Featuring Patented Heat Sink Design

Honolulu, Hi. (May 25, 2016) — Popular network television personality Steve “Chef Roc” Cassarino and Moretti’s Food founder Salvatore Moretti have recently been named official spokeschefs for TurboPot.

TurboPot is a revolutionary cookware manufacturer, featuring a patented advanced heat sink technology to improve the heat transfer from flame to cookware, reducing heat up time and energy lost. The heat sink, an area of fins along the bottom of the cookware, allows a greater transfer of heat from a gas range into the pot. This translates to faster cooking times, reduced energy usage and overall cost savings.

 “The TurboPot line is the first green cookware ever developed for commercial and home use,” says Chef Roc. “When cooking over a gas stove with a traditional pot, approximately 70% of the heat is lost as it escapes away and up the sides of the pot. TurboPot’s heat sink design eliminates hotspots by keeping the heat under the cookware, which means you use less energy while heating your food faster.”

 TurboPot is the choice cookware of many professional chefs and restaurants, because it provides consistent and even heat distribution and faster cooking times, which can save a commercial kitchen a significant amount of energy and money. TurboPot has been independently tested by PG&E Food Service Technology Center and proven to cook 30% to 50% faster than conventional cookware.

“TurbotPot heats up twice as fast as a normal pan,” says Chef Moretti. “Being able to serve your customer or your family in half the time is important, both for busy chefs and busy parents.”

Cassarino, also known as Chef Roc, has a diverse background that perfectly suits his role as both a skilled chef and an entertainer, who has appeared on The Tonight Show. A graduate of Johnson & Wales University’s College of Culinary Arts, Chef Roc was classically trained at the esteemed Le Petit de Cuisine in London and La Varenne in Paris.

For 28 years, he performed as one The Clever Cleaver Brothers – two chefs who made audiences laugh even as they wowed them with their technique and cuisine. Cassarino and Lee N. Gerovitz turned their love for food and fun into a unique career as media personalities, cookbook authors, magazine columnists and, as one pundit called them, “stand-up chefs.” These culinary cut-ups were regulars on the TV guest circuit with appearances on The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno, Live! With Regis, The View, Fox & Friends, The Other Half, CNN Headline News, Entertainment Tonight and many others. Their syndicated TV cooking vignettes “KITCHEN CUT-UPS!” have been broadcast in more than 50 countries in five languages.

After retiring as a Clever Cleaver Brother, Steve rebranded as Chef Roc – a chef who wants to make healthy cuisine fun for everyone – and launched a new TV series called Chef Roc and The Joc. In 2013 Chef Roc moved to Oahu and started producing his latest project, The Chef Roc TV Show, airing every Monday at 7PM on KFVE-TV5. Now in its fourth season, it airs on TUFF TV Network, the AMGTV Network, Caribvision, Filmon.TV, Swig TV in China, Ben TV in Africa and the UK, Backlight TV, My Life Network and on ROKU reaching more than 270 million households. 

Chef Salvatore Moretti, an expert on Italian cooking, has been creating foods and sauces for more than 20 years. In addition to his game changing cuisine, Chef Sal has created a number of television shows, and is now working on Pasta Boss, a show focusing on simple and amazingly delicious old school pasta and rice dishes. Chef Sal is the founder of Moretti Foods, which provide simple, fresh, fast and healthy meals in minutes, including his incredible 60 second pasta and rice.

Chef Moretti spent several years studying his craft throughout Italy. After returning to the United States, Chef Moretti launched Moretti Gourmet Creations in Southern Florida. Moretti Gourmet Creations can be found on the shelves in nearly 200 supermarkets.


Chef Roc is the creation of Celebrity Chef and TV Personality Steve Cassarino, a classically trained veteran chef who has been appearing on TV and Internet programs for more than 30 years. The Chef Roc Show, now in its third season, reaches more than 96 million households. Steve Cassarino has appeared on dozens of TV programs, including The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno, Live! With Regis, The View, Fox & Friends, The Other Half, CNN Headline News, Entertainment Tonight. For more information, visit