Who’s Chef Roc?
◦ Steve Cassarino, AKA Chef Roc, is a celebrity chef and entertainer with over
30 years of professional experience in the kitchen, and more than 20 years of
exposure on both locally and nationally broadcasted television programs
◦ Before his career as a chef, Steve was an amateur boxer. Playfully nicknamed
“Rocky” by his friends, he enjoyed the competition, but it wasn’t too long
before he decided a future in the kitchen was a safer bet than one in the ring.
Naturally, that hasn’t kept his friends from calling him “Roc” ever since!
◦ When the moment later presented itself to brand himself
as a celebrity chef, the choice was easy—he became:

The Chef Roc Philosophy
◦ Chef Roc’s perspectives on food and life are one and the same—broadening
horizons and experiencing new flavors each and every day
◦ He seeks to share his message of enjoying great food and great times in any
endeavor he undertakes, whether it’s as executive chef at a renowned
restaurant, on a nationwide tasting tour, or as host of his own television show.

He’s Credentialed
◦ Graduate of Johnson & Wales University with a degree in Culinary Arts
◦ After graduating, he was classically trained at the esteemed Le Petit de
Cuisine in London and La Varenne in Paris
◦ Co-founder of the Clever Cleaver Brothers, a duo of “stand-up chefs” that
hosted a football season program called Tailgatin’ and frequently made
appearances on the variety show circuit on programs such as The Tonight
Show, The View, and Entertainment Tonight


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