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Kathryn founded Sir Aubrey’s Tea Company in 1998, but it wasn’t until 2000 that the dominant White Lion brand emerged.

She became certified with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council in 2003. An active member, Kathryn served as the WBEC-West Arizona Vice-Chair in 2010, progressing to the WBEC-West Arizona Forum Chair in 2011.

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Chef Roc & Friends Show #2

Penotti Contest

What you win

24- Penotti 2Go's

sent to your home

What do I Have To Do to win

Go buy a lot of 2Go's at 7-11

If by chance your 7-11 is out, tell them to reorder, you got 2Go's to win.

Send a Picture of the Penotti labels and your 7-11 receipt. The person with the most Penotti Labels that week will win 24 Penotti 2Go's a $36 Value.

So start dipping Friends, I got some Penotti to give out.

Send your Pictures, your name and email address to:



Now available at 7-Eleven's in San Diego

Our Top Selling Store goes to &-!! at Grape and India St.

White Lion Tea has become an established luxury brand offering an assortment of high quality, whole leaf, hand-harvested teas, as well as Honey Pearls®, Spa Ciao®, and other gifts and amenities, packaged to appeal to national and International wholesalers and distributors, as well as retail consumers. 

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